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#FrameItFriday (week 11 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 11 season 6)

Here's a gal with fabulous taste in ski attire, easy-peasy to locate on the slopes and a keen eye for paparazzi! I have NO clue who she is but she spotted my lens from 1/2 down the slope and smiled directly into my camera all the way down. Don't know where she went after that, perhaps into the chalet for a hot chocolate, because, how could you lose a jacket like that!

We WATCHED skiing yesterday up at Calabogie Peaks. It brought back a flood of memories from the 8 yr old part of my brain (ok, from the whole of my 8 yr old brain). I bumped into Nancy Greene (google her you young'uns) in the clubhouse up at Georgian Peaks 52 yrs ago. I had just lost a tooth whilst eating a Mars bar. I had to show her. If you've never seen the commercial, you won't understand.

Yep, we went on an adventure yesterday (aka car ride). The Weather Network said it was going to be sunny and that today we'd be getting 30cm of snow. We chose "sunny day" over blizzard and I didn't have to drive, my husband did. I scoured every single tree along our route, hoping to spot an owl nest (a girl can dream right?). We passed some sweet looking places along our route and you'll be seeing their images in the weeks to come. After the ski hill stop (not any moguls on the slopes sadly) we headed back towards home to hit up our local grub spot for some Linner. We were 2 hrs away and those "hangry" pangs kicked in so we booked it back along hwy.7 back towards Tweed. We were yakking away about some nonsense when I spotted something and said "stop the car and turn around, I just spotted something". My driver said "right now? here?" Of course I meant "right now" but safely of course, we are on hwy.7 after all.

When I told him what I'd spotted he safely hung a u-turn and back to the spot we went, luckily it was still, what did we see??? Any guesses? Heck of a way to end a blog eh?

BTWHappy St.Patrick's Day

Peace, love, kumbaya,


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