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#FrameItFriday (week 11 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 11 season 5)

Nice to see this canvas arrive at the front door yesterday. I was so excited to get it and a photo of it I neglected to check in the mirror before this photo was taken. Oh well, it's not about me, it's about the ready to hang 16" x 20" image of my fav shot ever of the Grand River Eagle in the Sycamore tree. Before I unwrap it and crush the box it came in, who's interested in buying it? For an incredible $80.00 CDN (plus shipping and handling) this could be hanging on one of your walls. I ordered it from a new company that I had thought was Canadian (.ca ending website) but it came out of the States. I'm pleased with the quality and the price point to produce it but I shall continue on my quest of finding a "local" company to produce my images on to a variety of different items.

For now I'm continuing to offer my images in a digital format for you all to think about buying and you can put it on whatever you'd like, ie: paper, metal, coffee mug, pillow, blanket, bag, tattoo (ok, maybe not a tattoo) here's my store, check it out

I'm winding down the winter shots (as there is still snow where I hail from) but am chomping at the bit to get some spring time images of the usual suspects and hopefully their bambinos. I finally saw a beaver and a Red-Wing Blackbird along with Robins yesterday. I also threw on my boots and stood in our creek yesterday, it's a micro-mini version of the Niagara River right now with a depth of almost top of my boots. I'll post the video shortly.

Any day now we will begin to hear the peeps of a variety of frogs around our pond. I am hopeful their mating calls will drown out the persistent honking of the hoard of Canada geese that are grazing daily in the corn field across the road. It's exciting, winter can hit the road, am I right?

My brain is working in over drive with a multitude of ideas and projects to consider undertaking. Asides from organizing my Easter props for mini photo sessions (book a time slot with me),

I have undertaken some re-purposing of items as craft projects. I love creating stuff with other stuff but have to work on my glues. You know, glues that dry, glues that adhere stuff to stuff and dries clear overnight. The current glue I tried is still a milky fluid on a current piece I'm working on, it's leaked all over my counter top, dripped on the floor and prevented me from hanging it up on the gallery wall (it's like carrying a pizza sideways).

All righty then, I best post this before my hand spazzes out and clicks on to something else on my screen and this whole blog disappears and I have to re-write it because I didn't save it (been there, done that). Oh and #PrayForUkraine.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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