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#FrameItFriday (week 11, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (Week 11, Season 3)

Been a hectic week, here's a story I'm recycling from a few years back. Some of you who are new here may not have read it. Sorry it's kind of a sad post but every day can't be all rainbows and butterflies.

"We went out to explore more of the lake we are on today (5.5hrs of exploring). We brought our lunch along and decided to eat it in this quiet bay by a Great Blue Heron. We'd been paddling along the shore with a gaggle (as I call them) of Common Mergansers...looks like they were migrating possibly. Anyhow, they show up in this little quiet bay as well. I'm halfway thru my sandwich by then the Mergansers decide they were going to dine as well. Have you ever seen Mergansers fish in a gaggle? Well I'll tell you it is sheer chaos. One catches a fish, the others go apeshit crazy chasing the guy with the fish to steal it from him and he runs along the water with a fish in his mouth trying to swallow it before his buddies steal it. So they're all doing their thing, back and forth and back and forth. I'm snapping pics, Paul's snapping pics when I notice 1 Merganser just sitting in the water real low. 2 of his buddies are staring at him and the rest of the gaggle took off. His 2 buddies took off then as well. I paddle up towards him so gently as he just sat there low in the water. I got right beside him, the water was shallow but clear and it looked like his little foot was caught so I slowly reached down to try and tug it gently out of the mud. The bird just looked at me, so sad. Paul paddled up and told me not to put my hand in the water as the bird may attack (he was like a foot away). I knew he wasn't going to attack me but at the same time thought better of putting my hand back in the water. The duck seemed to be trying to free himself and Paul and I tried to help by shoving the ends of our paddles into the mud beneath the duck, mud swirled about. We got our paddles wedged underneath his body and leveraged him upwards and it was then we saw that a *ucking snapping turtle had this poor bird in his clutches. We tried and tried to get the turtle to release the bird to no avail. Paul said it's the circle of life, National Geographic real world ending. There was nothing more we could do, the duck sank deeper and deeper into the water. I couldn't look anymore, it was too upsetting. Paul said maybe the turtle bit off the duck's foot and the duck swam off on a bit of an angle. I like that ending but I'm still calling that bay Murder Bay. Some days the circle of life sucks. Hope you're ok little dude. The picture is of him, brave little dude didn't cry one single bit."

I'll try and get it together for next week and do a fresh write-up. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Peace, Love and Kumbaya Heather #CircleofLife #Merganser #CanonGirl #ShotOnCanon #PhotoBlog #BrantfordPhotographer #KayakCameraGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer

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