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#FrameItFriday (week 10 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 10 season 5)

It's a piece of cake to sidetrack me lately. Dangle something unique or exciting before my eyes and away I go grabbing for it. I can't believe I'm saying this but perhaps it's a good thing gasoline is on the rise, it prevents me from straying afar and focusing on what surrounds me within walking distance or a very, very short drive. I'm crosseyed with all of the trees I've stared at these past few weeks, looking for owls. Every time I return home with zero images of them on my camera card I pout and whine and swear I'll never ever see another owl* (*except that one I saw but deleted the images off my camera by accident about a month ago?) grrrrrr. Last night and earlier this morning I was contacted by a friend's daughter asking if I had any photos of a certain person. Of course I did but I had to dig deep to find them. A dear friend from our old neighbourhood sadly passed away the other day (3rd one in the past year). We had a tight night group of friends on our old street, getting together for drinks, etc to celebrate a birthday, a holiday or just an impromptu jam session. He was a part of "the posse". Times change, people move away, split up and worst of all pass away. I remember taking out my camera and seeing eyes roll or hands fly up to their faces covering them or comments like "get that camera away from me". Inevitably I persist and get a shot. I just wish it didn't take a "funeral" to have all these images displayed in a slide show at a visitation. This is an epic photo I have to say (no, not because I took it, ok ya, a bit of that too Lol) it's epic because the people in it and their stories. Some are gone now but we can hear their laugh, remember their stories and cherish their friendship. Whilst doing this search for photos I had to scroll through the images I've taken and posted on here over these past 10+ years. Holy crap, 1,000s of images! It's crazy but cool at the same time. I'm going to TRY and re-circulate some of them on here for you all. I've also picked up some really nice frames at a thrift store that I'm going to be selling with my images in them. Who knows, perhaps I'll begin to sell "image of the month" to put in the frames. Does that sound like a good idea? It's like "fruit of the month", first month you get the nice frame with an 8"x10" print of mine in it and the next month you get a new print to put in it. Interested? I'm just throwing out some ideas to make some $$$ to pay for gas money for my ride. ALSO, let's do some family photos guys. Hit me up, I've got some sweet locations close by, my little studio, props, costumes or whatever. I'm pretty sure your folks would like to update that 1980s Sears portrait studios shots that hangs on a wall in their house. How about new headshots??? A little post covid update shot. ANYHOW, I friggin' hate begging so you know where I am when you need me.

RIP Alex, I'm grateful to have met you and am wishing we'd had that chance to do those shots on your motorcycle. Life is short, take the photos, capture the memories AND PRINT them!

Peace, love and kumbaya


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