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#FrameItFriday (week 1 season 6)

#FrameItFriday WEEK 1 SEASON 6! Well now, happy freakin' new year! It's been 6 days of 2023, are you still "writing" 2022 on everything? Just curious. If you're Canadian you know that last night the Canadian Jr. hockey team took home the Gold medal in the world Jrs. In spite of the fact I played hockey for close to 7 years back in the day (I wore Lange skates and they're still around here somewhere) I really do not follow hockey that much unless it's the playoffs. I love the Leaf's and my fav jersey number is 14 (Dave Keon) and I have a lot of the old Leaf player's autographs from being a rink rat. ANYHOW, what an amazing game! Teamwork does make the dreamwork and those Halifax fans? AWESOME! It's funny how the universe spins some times because 2 days ago on my quest for finding Owls (shut-out, thanks) I was flagged down by 10 yr old in flip flops holding a hockey stick. Here is how he hustled me, lol. "Want to see a trick for $5?" he said. "I don't have $5" I said. "How much you got?" he asked. "A loonie" I replied. "That will work" he said. He proceeded to mock demo the trick and then after a few deep breaths he flicked the puck on to the blade of his stick, flung the puck up in the air, twirled the stick around like a baton and attempted to catch the puck on his blade as it fell back down to earth. He tried twice and failed but I gave him the loonie anyhow because he tried. I admired his hutzpah. Being that I had stopped in the middle of the road, in park, 4ways flashing the rest of his "crew" appeared on the road to find out what was going on, mum included. I ended up doing impromptu photos with the 4 kids and mum. They were very willing subjects, posing for slapshots, tree climbing and ended with a group shot in the middle of the road. The shoot ended when I had to yell "car". I forgot to ask mum if I could post a shot of them, too bad, they were so cute. It's the age thing I think, 6-10,11 yrs old, what a great age. The hustler plays hockey, I hope he has a great season and gets good enough to go in the Juniors one day. The photo on my blog here today? It's my slippers, they go in this spot every single night, exactly as shown. Are you like that or is it just me? Ok, I seriously have got to get some owl shots, everyone is seeing them except for me. Boo-hoo. Oh, interesting fact, all the players in the Jrs. were born AFTER 2003. Let that sink in. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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