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#FrameItFriday (week 1 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 1 season 5)

Well hello there and welcome to the first blog of season 5 where I continue to blather about stuff and nonsense sometimes photography related, sometimes not or sometimes all of the above.

New year, new ideas and half-baked plans run amuck in my brain as we resume our trail walks for inspiration, mental and physical health benefits. We're checking out the trails we went to last Spring to see what they look like with a fresh white coating of snow. If you're a trail walker I might recommend you download the AllTrails app to your phone. It lists trails in your area and lists their amenities, trails, lengths of trails, user photos etc.

I've been walking around for a week now with my "retirement lens" (as a fellow young 'un photographer called it) looking for OWLS. So far none, zip, nada....the minute I leave that lens at home is the time I'll run across one perched on a fence post with a mole dangling out of it's mouth or coughing up one of those delightful pellets. I even scoured the Christmas tree forest behind us and came up with nothing. So if anyone has any leads on one, please message me.

Perhaps this will be the year I actually round up some models to do a shoot in one of the funky dresses I've collected over the years (the photo is one of my recent acquisitions isn't it sweet?) Who's local and a ladies sized large and wants to channel their inner Penny Lane? I even have the rose-colored glasses to complete the ensemble. Throw on your funky boots and fav jeans & t-shirt and I'll provide the rest. I've already booked one person by word of mouth only. Let's get our creative on!

Ok, the plumber is here so I've gotta split, they brought a snake, a SNAKE! I'm terrified.....but I think it's a fear mostly for what the bill will be lol.....oh for you enquiring minds we did not clog the toilet, it's just a kitchen drain issue we believe. Never a dull moment right? Have a great weekend and stay safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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