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#FrameItFriday (week 1, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 1, season 3)

Hey kids! Welcome to a fresh new season of #FrameItFriday! How's that first week been going for you? Were you flung back to work January 2nd, never stopped working the entire holidays or heading back when the kids return to school or something like that or all of the above? (as you can tell I will continue my trend of run-on sentences). I myself, am slowly emerging from my holiday coma with a few client shoots this past week and a pretty successful trip to Henry's (yes, the camera store). I don't know if this happens to you but as far back as I can recall, every new year when I'm putting away the decorations I begin to feel "purgy" (auto correct wanted me to write pudgy because purgy is kind of a made-up word). So, let me re-write that last sentence: "every new year when I'm putting away the decorations I begin to feel "purgy" AND "pudgy". Since this is a photo blog, not a diet blog I will focus on the "purgy" part and ignore the obvious fact that I am pudgy at the moment. I got some storage solutions for Christmas and my goal is to round up all my photo props and organize them along with the disaster which is my basement. I am on Phase II of the purging process, that being "building up momentum" by doing small purges. I was stuck in Phase I for most of 2018 (that's the phase where you keep telling yourself "I have too much crap"). If you say it out loud, you feel that you've accomplished something and take a rest, my rest, as I said lasted most of the year. I can't wait to get to Phase III, that's the full blown purge phase. Things get done, stuff gets tossed, donated or put aside for a possible garage sale once it warms up again. Why am I writing about all of this purging crap? You may not think it has anything to do with photography but it does. Amongst the crap I keep, there are some treasures, treasures to others....I am parting ways with some photo gear with the goal of a possible upgrade or two in gear (can't spill the beans yet) it's out with the unused (because I have duplicates) or whatever. If you're new to photography or short on dough because, well, Christmas just happened...I will have some deals, some freebies coming available shortly. I am also hoping that I will be able to assemble enough of my work to do a small show....where at, I'm not sure yet. If anyone has any ideas on that, pm me.

I have to go, I'm on Phase II at the moment, in between get back to the meantime, did you see my youtube compilation of all of my 2018 shots yet? It's a 12 minute slideshow (shaved down from 25 mins) set to some trippy's a bit choppy but it's a first try and it took ALL New Year's day to put together and upload so please, check it out here: Feel free to like, share, comment. Oh two more things... 1) book a shoot with me 2) I've begun to put all print pricing in the description section of my #ChickPicotheDay.

In case you want to buy a print. Have a good weekend and thanks for checking out my work!

Peace, love and kumbaya


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