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#FrameItFriday (week 28 season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 28, season 3)

Holy my moly, may I just say to Mother Nature, "the banana bread has baked, time to turn the oven off!" As much as I enjoy being outdoors, this past week has not exactly screamed "get out and take photos". Asides from the few house photos my trusty camera has remained indoors languishing in it's bag in my air conditionied office/kitchen. Don't roll your eyes and sigh too deeply gentlemen but I'm sure you ladies out there will understand this next statement....."menopausal hot flashes and extreme heat can put one over the edge".

Imagine if you will, hoisting that 6-7lb camera to take a shot of a bird in flight, steaming up the eye piece, getting blinded by salty stingy sweat dripping into your eyes while your sunglasses that were perched onto your sweaty, frizzy hair sliding off the back of your head and smashing to the ground behind you. Yah, I wasn't feeling it this week. All week long I've felt that a delightfully cool calm lake has been stalking me and if I whipped around super fast I'd be able to run (ya right, ok, stroll) to the end of a nice long dock and cannonball into that stalking lake.....alas, it's a mirage and that cool water? Sweat trickling down the back of my neck lol. Snap my fingers and here I am, sat at my desk with my 2nd cup of instant coffee, feeling cool and updating my website again, processing some photo orders, making a shopping list (yawn) and planning my next week. Shooting more houses, a few grads, pets and selling some of my work. I'll be putting down the birding lens and using my shorter lens for those shots fortunately (but still social distancing!). 31 days until we're up at #StudioNorth again and it can't come soon enough.......what plans do you have for this summer? Oh, do any of you sell masks that may suit a photographer? (asking for a friend). I'm sure I can find something online that someone has made whilst sitting on a dirty floor in a far off land but I'd MUCH rather purchase and support a local business. Let me know! I need some! Keep cool my friends and stay safe, time to take #StellaCat to her swimming lessons. Call me if you need me! Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #KayakCameraGirl #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer

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