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#FrameItFriday (lucky week 13, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (lucky week 13, season 3) Yippee kai-yay, we all made it to another Fri-yay! So I'm sorry, not sorry for posting so many house pics the past couple of weeks. I have a multitude of reasons (aka excuses) why I have been doing's a few: 1) It's still been winter off and on and still a bit cold out a b) I don't want to get my waterproof boots muddy iii) I'm lazy D) All of the above I'm excited to tell you about this place in the photo today because I've been inside it AND I know EXACTLY where it is! That is a switch eh? I must say I've enjoyed reading your comments on some of the homes I've posted this past while. I've been sent personal photos of some of the insides of the places and read some pretty cool stories about them. So back to this red house was built in 1842 (that's 177 years old) by a Quaker family and was originally a white board and batten. It changed to this vibrant red in colour after previous owners came back from a trip to Cape Cod. I've never been to Cape Cod but supposedly they have some pretty wild coloured houses there. Here's a bit of what I know about it: it backs on to a public school and the kids that lived there in the late 80s and 90s hopped the fence to get to class (when the principal wasn't looking)There was once a huge tree outside the front left window that dropped a branch on someone's week old brand new car. During renovations in 1988, wallpaper with nude women on it was discovered in the bathroom. A bucket of handmade nails was discovered in the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, most likely left there for over 100 years. The beautiful oak stairs had been painted at least 5 times all with lead paint and were stripped down to bare wood by a pregnant lady and sanded for days by a young lad named Jimmy. The tiny windows around the front door were a bitch to paint white. Many a person banged their head on the beam leading to the basement and could be heard swearing profusely when they did. At least 20 skunks, 15 racoons, countless squirrels and chipmunks all tried to live in the walls and attic. A 100+ year old tree fell in a windstorm one year, narrowly missing the dining room and taking out the family room roof at the back of the house while the owners were away on vacation. 4 firetrucks, sirens blaring showed up during a family picnic of approx. 150 people to put out an illegal bonfire (whoops). Someone learned to ride a bike on the driveway. Friendly ghosts were spotted a few times inside the house. The driveway could take up to 5 hours to shovel before the owners caved and finally bought a snowplow. One year when Molson Canadian beer gave away "Gilligan" hats in their beer cases at least 6 kids and two women were spotted out in the backyard all wearing one of those hats (that meant 8 cases of beer had been consumed during the Molson promotion lol). That's just a snippet of stories about this house that I absolutely loved living in and raising my kids in. Yes, this was once my home. I had a chance to take this shot last week while I stopped in to pick up some stuff from my ex. I haven't been inside in over 15 years but I have some good memories of it. Who else on here has been in the red house? BTW it's in Pickering Village. I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the places I've posted this week. I hope it warms up so I can get some steps and much needed exercise out on the trails and bring you some different photos. Feel free to share, like, comment and subscribe to my blog on my website! Peace, love and kumbaya Heather #TheOldRedHouse #BuiltToLast #QuakerHouse #HistoricalHome#PickeringVillage #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #ShotOnCanon #TeamCanon#BrantfordPhotographer #HeatherCardlePhotographer

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