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Frame It Friday (week 9, season 2)

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

#FrameItFriday (week 9, season 2)

Holy smokes we're into the 2nd day of March already! Time is flying by and here we are back at another Friday.

I've been fortunate to have spent close to two weeks up here at #StudioNorth. We've had a steady flow of traffic coming and going for short mental health stints, family gatherings and a few days of just me on my own.

The power flicked off on the day we had a crew of six up. Two frozen lasagnes ready to cook and no power. No hydro also means no running water as well. Not great considering we were all eating like pigs. Where were we to shall I say this.....who am I kidding, we had nowhere to poop.

We bbq'd the lasagnes and they turned out well and just as we were putting it on the candlelit table, the power flicked back on. Yahoo! The celebration and relief was short-lived as the water was not running.....3 tipsy wanna-be maintenance experts could not figure it out. Plans were made to head home. Stubborn me went down to electrical panel one last time and reset a couple of breakers. Tadah! WATER was back, toilets would flush, weekend was saved!

I managed to get out exploring on the days following the guests departures. I didn't have to be back at any specific time. I could have toast for dinner or a bowl of soup, no biggie. Just me and all the backroads I could fit in during the daylight hours. I was in heaven!

In spite of the main roads being snow free and dry, the side roads went from frozen ice rinks to mush depending on the fluctuating weather. Some roads I saw had been plowed in and sadly left unexplored. "Wait and go back there in August" said my friend Kathy. (she inspects/designs septic systems around this area, she'd know best).

The Bancroft area and beyond have quite a number of Log Barns scattered about. I've become fond of this barn style because they are full of character and oozing with history. Alot of them are no longer in use, lonely and abandoned but beautiful to look at. I can't imagine they'd be very warm to house livestock as this style of barn has wide gaps between the horizontal logs. Maybe that's how frozen meat came to be...ha ha.

I took a risk and went along a road we'd explored last summer. It was snow covered and part of a tree blocked the entrance to it. I took a vote between me, myself and I and it was unanimous....I'm going down it.

There had been some vehicles down the road recently as the snow was flattened but had not seen a sand truck all season. It turned out to be a 15km, white knuckle drive up and down some icy and sometimes crunchy snow tracks. I saw zero, zip, nada wildlife with the exception of some crows. Deer tracks, no deer and not a single moose. Bummer. I did however find the TTC streetcar we discovered randomly placed in the forest. How and why it got up to this spot in particular I have no clue. I also shouldn't be surprised that it's still there, it would be a bugger to move.

I'm writing this from the dining room table at #StudioNorth, as the bedding is being washed. Car is packed up and I'll sadly leave this place once the laundry is dry and folded.

As always I'm grateful to have this place to escape to, to spend time with friends and family. It also gives me an opportunity to re-charge my creative batteries and get out and explore newbackroads and bring to you all a whole new set of photos of "The Stuff I See".

I need some feedback from anyone who manages to read through all my weekly drivel. Are you enjoying what I shoot and post? Do you have any suggestions as to where I can go (NOT IN "THAT" WAY), what you'd like to see or for me to write about? I'd value your comments and am grateful to you all who even glance at my page.

As always, feel free to like my photo page, follow me, comment or just even glance at my posts. I've just heard a "ding" sound here, that means time to shift the laundry. My time up here is quickly coming to an end until next visit. Time to get back to reality and to work. I'll be around if you need shots, want to buy images, cover an event, etc. You know, the stuff I get paid for that keeps a roof over my head, gas in the car and feed the hit me up if you need me.

Have a splendid weekend and thanks for being here.

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather Louise

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P.S.-I miss #StellaCat and my husband....time to go home.

Log Barn near Wilno, Ontario

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