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Frame It Friday (week 8, season 2)

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

#FrameItFriday (week 8, season 2)

What a week! Much like myself, this week's bloggy is a tad long-winded.

It began with us loading up our car and heading up to #StudioNorth for a working vacation.

This was the first long car ride for our #StellaCat in her fancy gypsy caravan. Thankfully after 2.5 hrs of meowing she realized we weren't headed to the vets. In her little cat brain I believe she thinks she's now come to a fancy cat spa and has had a stress free, chillaxing time, that is until her "niece" Kiddo the dog showed up yesterday. Here I was thinking (just like my late dad would) that it would be all peace, love and kumbaya between the dog and the cat. Peace, love and kumbaya between a cat and dog. I'm delusional. Stella has her own private quarters now with an ensuite bath.....well played cat, well played.

Enroute to #StudioNorth I was able to stop in and pay my respects for a Life Coach I had who passed away. Although it had been 20 years since I'd seen or spoken to him, it was important to me to go say goodbye. He had such a profound effect on me and his words of wisdom help me to this day. I must say it was the very first Celebration of Life that I've been to where they offer to make you an ice cream sundae to enjoy while you wait in line to pay your respects to the family. That's how Larry rolled.

Tuesday, all hell broke loose back in our hometown of #Brantford. The planned backroads I'd selected to explore up here were cut down to a short looped new road (note to self, go back, go back) as my phone was blowing up over the news of the horrible flooding that was occurring back home. It began in the early hours with an ice dam bursting it's seams upstream on the Grand River and sending a borderline Tsunami towards our city where it was still covered with ice.....where would all that surplus go? We stayed glued to social media from afar, feeling guilty and worried about the safety of our friends back, feeling useless as well.

A state of emergency was declared and the area we lived in was evacuated along with a few other neighbourhoods that ran along the river. To witness this backlash from Mother Nature blows your mind, you prep as much as you can and step back and pray for things to turn out ok.

Moral of this story? We live in the best city ever! From the very top boss straight on down to the citizens, there was/has been such an outpouring of help, guidance, direction, successful planning, communication and minimal panic and confusion. Level heads prevailed as the city pretty much rolled up it's sleeves and dealt with it. I feel guilty because I wasn't there to chip in and do my bit. I'm so proud of the people in our community and though it is not over yet and some folks are still displaced, rest assured there is help out there for them. Here's a link to a report on the event put together by a couple of friends of mine...…

I will end this week's ditty by saying that I am grateful for all that is my life right now. Family, friends, community and the freedoms and opportunities that I have on a daily basis. Thanks for reading (if you made it this far).....I'm headed back out to that new road I found.....stay tuned in, photos will be taken and posted.

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Don't kid yourself, this road's an ice rink! Oh I'll take a wild guess and say this is somewhere south of St. Mary's, Ontario

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