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Frame It Friday (week 7, season 2)

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

#FrameItFriday (week 7, season 2)

So if you're reading this, you survived another Valentine's Day and so did I. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but people put alot of pressure on themselves around this (what I like to call) Hallmark holiday. I love my guy and my family 24/7/365. Let's just say "love yourself" first and stop there.

I did something last weekend that I haven't done in ooooh about 15 years.....I was invited away to a girl's weekend at Moonie's cottage up in Apsley. Most of these ladies I've known since kindergarten and y'all know that's AGES ago since I'm so OLD (as the kids say). We used to go annually but marriage, kids, life, work and all that adult stuff got in the way. We were missing a few key players but the weather was pretty darn nice (the sun could have come out a bit more) and it was lots of laughs. you're asking yourself (if you've read this far) what does a girl's weekend have to do with this picture of the chapel? Alot, if I didn't go up, this shot would not be.

I left early last Friday morning because I wanted to get the heck out of town, across the GTA (even took that expensive toll road) to get up to where no traffic dares to go and the roads are snow covered so I could dawdle until the time I thought the ladies would be at the cottage. (THAT was just one of my famous run-on sentences lol) I had pretty much 4-5 hours to kill....just exploring.

Although it sounds quite gross, one of the roads I took was called West Eels Lake Road (a few of you who follow me are familiar with it). It was spectacular, a backroad girl's dream! A rollercoaster road that winds and dips through the forest with not a car or cottage in sight. Perhaps it could have been a bit less snow covered but that just added to the adrenaline rush I get when I discover a new road. It would be AMAZING in the Fall. Although I didn't meet any wildlife whatsoever it was a thrill to just drive it without someone tailgating and trying to pass my car.

I even stopped in to check on #StudioNorth, which looked all cozy and warm and ready for us to invade very soon.(which I hope to be writing about in the next week or so). I stopped in to #Bancroft for some belly fuel and decided if I took a certain route I would make it to Moonie's at 6pm on the nose. I had been snapping snow covered road shots so far, not much for how long I'd been exploring, so I was hoping this last leg of my journey up there was going to offer up a bit more things to shoot. By this time of day though, it was beginning to get dark so I had to giddy up.

Finally, (I'm almost done now, promise) I was coming west across highway 620 towards Apsley, through Coe Hill (I know some of you are probably in absolute AWE right now that I am actually remembering ROADS I've been on, you're welcome btw or maybe you're saying "where the heck is she?") Right.....ok so I drove past this teeny little place stuck randomly in the woods.......hung a u turn, went back and took a shot of this cute place. The End.

**Couple of morals to the story here: 1) to quote #WayneGretzky "You always miss the shots you never take." (applies to cameras as well as pucks) 2)what happens at girl's weekend stays at girl's weekend

Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for reading this far if you did. Feel free to like, comment, share or hire me for your photography needs. #PeaceLoveKumbaya

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Tucked away in the woods near Coe Hill, Ontario

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