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Frame It Friday (week 6, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 6, season 2)

How'd your week go? If you're local to me, it was a tad snowy on the roads with a dash of slick ice beneath. Very pretty to look at but dicey to drive in. Tis the season tho.

I took this shot through the windshield of my car, in between the wiper blades swiping back and forth. It's what I call a "lazy girl shot" because I couldn't take the time to get out the car because of my duvet coat. I have to wear it with my arms out the sleeves so I can swivel my head when I drive. It's not easy to get out the car when your coat is worn in this manner, thus the reason why I took the shot the way I did.

SOOOOOO....about this road I'm on. It's right in the south end of town and runs alongside the river. It's my "Dollar Store" route. For being so close to town there is a surprising amount of wildlife you may see along it's short route.

Last year, on my birthday I saw THREE(3) juvenile Eagles fighting over a rabbit in the field you can see straight ahead in the photo . I've also seen deer, hawks, fisherPEOPLE and at the curve, sometimes people dump their garbage (pigs). It's a nice short detour in/out of town and you get a good view of the river as you go up the road.

There you have my ramblings about the shot, a bit rushed today as I'm heading out of town for a girl's weekend (first one in over 15 yrs I think). I've been told to bring coins to play poker but I haven't a clue how to play the game. I'll just take photos of the other gals which you may or may not see here.

I'm anxious to get on the road, it's a long drive and I'm taking some backroads! Whatever you get up to this weekend, hope you enjoy yourselves! Cheers!

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Thank goodness for snow tires! Just on the outskirts of Brantford, Ontario

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