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Frame It Friday (week 5, season 2)

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

#FrameItFriday (week 5, season 2)

I'm such a creature of habit, take this whole #ChickPicotheDay thing I've been doing for the past 7 years. Day after day...get up, go pee, make a coffee and sit down at my computer and post my picture of the day. (sorry maybe a bit too much TMI)

A few people have been asking me lately, "do you take pictures every day?" I try to, I really do....yesterday I dragged my gear with me all the way to Toronto and back. I went to see my mum. I thought I'd stop at a couple of my regular spots on the way down or perhaps on the way home. That didn't happen. Some days go that way and it's more important to be in the moment and enjoy without having a digital record of it.

Ok, I may be fibbing a bit. I always take a photo of my wee mum with my phone and post it to my Facebook. We both get a kick out of doing it. Mum is not on Facebook, the most modern thing she uses is her tv which she will not shut off because she says if she does, it won't come back on. No biggie for me, just turn the volume down a touch so we can talk.

Back to the habit thing......if I go back a few years in my photos I see that every January I get real antsy, usually because it's too cold out but I want to go out, just to go and visit inside a different warm place. For me it's usually a huge greenhouse somewhere. Thus the reason for the Orchid photo alot of you liked this past week. I went to "my place" again, on my birthday......btw I'm 55 now and apparently I get a discount at Shopper' if you're a young 'un and you need something cheaperish, I'm your personal shopper.

I've kind of wandered around in this little bloggy thing I've posted today. Perhaps it's because I'm's a blurb, I hope you managed to make it to here, if you did THANKS.

BTW, don't forget I do headshots, group shots, events, festivals, house shots etc. if you want to book me, giddy up as my dance card is filling up.

Have a groovy weekend!

Heather, the scatterbrain......xo

#BrantfordPhotographer #CanonGirl #FollowMe

Up close and personal.

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