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#Frame It Friday (week 27, season 2)

Mama and her Sidekick

#FrameItFriday (week 27, season 2)

This week I found out that #StellaCat hacked into my computer and placed our house (specifically our garage) in an #AirBnB ad on #Craigslist. She's calling it a "Cosy Kitty Flat" in the description lol.

Her very first guests arrived around Tuesday night (a single mother of one, POSSIBLY two). So far we've yet to receive any money but we are out food, water, an impromptu litter box and Stella's old bed. I've been told that they'll move on once the humidity breaks.

What do you do? Mama cat was exhausted, overheated and skin and bones..... she hunts for her babies and feeds them "from the wild"(pic to come shortly)and the babies are still nursing a bit. They've found a nice place to hang out for a wee respite. Hopefully that's all. They're #feral cats, not indoor Princesses like #StellaCat.

It's very interesting watching them interact. Mama growls and chatters and out of nowhere the kittens appear from the garage, well one of them does......the other is way too timid and shy.... its their street cat instincts. Trust no-one except maybe us just enough to get some grub and a roof over their head for a spell.

After having spent the week channeling my outer Hagrid/Rosanna Dana look, sweating like crazy from the heat and humidity. It was nice to give my newly fixed LittleLulu lens a workout capturing this sweet little family literally on my doorstep.

Mama cat (we're calling her Tigger) shows her appreciation by coming up and rubbing her head on our legs and purrs and growls a "thanks but don't go near my baby". The kitten I call Scooter because it's skittish and the possible 2nd baby I call Shy, because it is.

This week I've done gone crazy right? It's the heat, that's what I'm blaming it on. So to combat the heat I've spent a part of it capturing some tender moments of a mother and her babies. It's a National Geographic in the Wilds of Eagle Place photo story. I'm ok with that for a bit.

That's my little bloggy thing for this week. Hope you have a delightful weekend and be play safe!

Peace, Love and Kumbaya


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