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#Frame It Friday (week 25, season 2)

"Lulu honey....Is that you?"

#FrameItFriday (week 25, season 2)

Hey, happy Friday! Here's the caption for this Osprey photo (as said in the voice of Miss Oda Mae Brown aka Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost) Can you hear it?

"Lord have mercy, Lulu? Is that you Lulu? You're alive!"

That's right, $500 and a 2 week stint in rehab and I've got my #Tamron 150-600mm lens back. Took her for a test shoot yesterday.....even the Osprey looks surprised. One thing for sure, Lulu didn't drop any weight while she was sick, that's for sure. So, touch wood back to stalking birds and such. I've got one that's pretty cool I'll be posting tomorrow. Glad that whole fiasco is over with.

So it's day 2 of Summer around these parts, it's cooled off these past few days and grad, prom, convocation season is upon us. I found myself in the thick of a convocation at the University of Toronto this past week. If you've never been, the campus grounds are incredible, huge old historical buildings overlook a beautiful open field. If not for the CN tower in the background, you would never know you were in the city. That is until a gazillion people pour out from one of the buildings and spill out on to the grass field. Grads in gowns, proud parents and siblings all vying for that perfect celebratory shot. I saw tons of selfie shots, selfie sticks, video, Boomerang shots, iPad photos, phone photos, some pro camera gear, etc, etc.

My question to anyone reading this is what do people DO with all of their photos? Asides from the usual posting it on Instagram or Facebook how do you keep track of events in your lives?

I'm serious.

Back in the day you'd wait two weeks or even longer for you film to get developed and printed.....then put it in a photo album or a shoe box and some would end up in a picture frame or on slides, whatever. Now I shoot and Dropbox images to my clients or put them on a USB. What happens with them after that is always a mystery to me.

What are you doing to keep track of all of the important events that go on in your lives? How will your kids be able to see what exciting, wonderful, crazy, memorable things you/they did growing up, your kids baby photos, their birthdays, their grads, their weddings, etc. Will they dump a bunch of printed photos out of a box? Will they thumb through photo albums? Will they watch a slideshow on a DVD? A USB stick in your TV? Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram ( if it's still around then). I think for myself and my family I'm doing a bit of all I've just mentioned.

I just had to ask after seeing all those "moments" being captured at the convocation and wonder......ten years or 20 or 50 years from now will those grads be able to show their spouses/kids/significant's a PHOTOGRAPH of me on my graduation day. Enquiring minds need to know, at least what's left of my mind is asking.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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P.S-Contact me if you want to order a print of anything you've seen posted this past week/years, need an event covered, etc and feel free to like, comment, share this post. Cheers!

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