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#Frame It Friday (week 19, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 19, season 2)

Hey again, it's me. Have you been looking at the pictures I've posted and been wondering WTH did she do? For the photo on the left, I was playing with some presets in my photo software and I thought this looked kind of cool. What do you think? The preset is called "plastic wrap" and to me it looks like I took a photo of a glossy painting of magnolias with my camera flash bouncing off it.

The photo on the right is just lightly sharpened and I put a violet filter on it. I was fooling around killing time (aka procrastinating) thinking about what I should write here today.

Well, one thing.... with this warmer weather I'm out and about and bumping into a lot of people I haven't seen since last fall. Mostly days I just wander about on my own, but every so often I come out of my bubble and re-acquaint myself with folks.

I stood on a gravel road alongside some fellow photographers waiting for a Bobolink to land in a tree. I'm sure we looked like snipers to those that nervously drove by. Our lenses resembling bazookas. Prior to that day I'd never seen a Bobolink before. I've heard the name and contrary to all my bird shots, I am by far an expert birder. I just came upon these two photographer friends at the side of the road near a popular birding spot. Judging by their stance, I knew they'd seen something unusual, this time is was a Bobolink. It's a bird that looks like fun fur was glued to the back of its head. It's pretty funky looking.

This time of year we're all excited to get outdoors, see what's new, what's blooming, what's nesting and social media is flooded with sightings of birds, insects, turtles, lizards, snakes, flowers. Some of it lasts briefly some of it sticks around and stays forever.

The birding season is hitting peak migration (if that's what you call it) folks are gathering en masse at the usual parks. Same with the cherry blossoms in High Park, 1,000s of selfies being taken. Then there's the Magnolia that briefly blooms and it's breathtaking until it rains or the wind picks up and then the petals blanket the ground.

Lots to see, lots to shoot but you won't find me along a park trail with the masses trying to see that rare bird, or driving in to Toronto to try and get a cherry blossom shot that doesn't have someone with a selfie stick in their hands photobombing the pretty bloom shot. (sorry MAJOR run-on sentence)

I'm looking off the grid, for the hidden gems or shooting whatever catches my eye. There could be more bird shots in that equation but those little guys are tricky to shoot, they've got ants in their pants....for now you'll have to settle for the "looks like a statue" shot.

In case you didn't know, Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY, like TWO days from now.....why not order a digital print from me for your mum? Easy-peasy..... I send it via email, you e-transfer payment to me, the you print it off at a local shop, put it in a nice looking frame (I'm sure you've a frame you can upcycle) and BINGO....mum's got a cool prezzie.

All my images are available for purchase, just shoot me a message for pricing.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, thanks for liking, thanks for the business.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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