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#Frame It Friday (week 18, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 18, season 2)

"May the 4th be with you!" I had to get that in there for my friends who like #StarWars. I enjoy Star Wars as well, just not enough to dress #StellaCat up in a Darth Vader costume and post a photo of her. HOWEVER..... tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, now THAT I will dress my cat up for.

For all my local friends, how about the weather eh? Nice that winter left us (touch wood), skipped Spring and went straight to summer....wait, what? At least the snow is gone, pretty much.

Last week I was being a smart aleck up at #StudioNorth and took my car along a road less travelled in search of a friggin' moose. If you look through my photos I've only seen and taken photos of 2 moose and well over 2,000 of those yellow Moose warning signs. That doesn't include the pair I missed while taking a pee in the bushes up north last year. I suck at multi-tasking.

The Moose hunt was an epic fail, the road was a 45 minute mucky white knuckle nightmare. My friend Kathy was right. Last month when we met up I told her I'd been on "such and such road" that day and she quite bluntly said "that's an f'in sled trail Car-dell. Stay off those *$&%# roads until August". I didn't listen very well now did I?

Along comes the karma two days later when I've convinced my husband to drive us up to the Eagle's Nest overlooking Bancroft. The road is covered in about 1.5ft of snow but the tire tracks that cut through it show pavement. This road is a pig even on a dry Summer's day, it's on a 45 degree angle, single lane. It was a slow drive, keeping in the tracks until we were almost at the top....the tire marks had disappeared and the traction control and my summer tires bailed on us. We began to slide backwards, I began to pray we didn't slide into the ditches on either side and incredibly a jeep appeared in our rear view mirror. Not good. We chased the jeep off and thanks to my husband's incredible driving skills we only had to drive backwards part of the way down this escarpment called a road until we found a safe spot to turn around. I'm sure my family was saying "I told you so" and a bunch of bad words over and over in their heads.

In spite of all that I still tried to con them all to go along yet another dirt road back from town. That got kai-boshed when the dune buggy coated in mud passed us and the guy in the pick up truck chased us down and said "not a chance, turn around".

So.........there are NO photos of moose....YET....however.....I FINALLY got a shot of a #Bluebird. It's not from up north, it's a #BrantCounty #Bluebird.

Ok, the sun is out, time to go! Have a great weekend.

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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Bluebird, Grass Lake, Ontario

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