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Frame It Friday (week 16, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 16, season 2)

I have to say that this has been the busiest week I've had in months. Thank god for that....I'm sure my Canadian friends will agree that this winter has been clinging on a tad too long for us. My road trips dwindling down to taking the long way to get groceries and trying to snap interesting things I see. YAWN!

Some days the camera would sit in the passenger seat, ready to shoot and nothing catches my eye. That has been frustrating.

I resigned myself to going to places I could wander around indoors and take the odd trippy looking shot of. I also wandered aimlessly around my house (vacuum cleaner in one hand, camera in the other) digging up stuff I had cluttering up my cupboard to take shots of.

Of course, there is always my cat. She's been a good muse as well, but only to a point. How many cat photos can one take and post before one of you think I've gone off the deep end into the Cat Lady pond? I've lots but I'm restraining myself. Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from you all?

Ok, so back to the busy week I've had and what that means to me. It means that not only what I've been shooting has been interesting, I've met some cool people along the way. Thank you cool people, it has been a boost to my creativity battery. Hearing other people's stories of how they "came to be" and what they did to get to where they were today has been eye opening.

I can sit here all day long and google "how to" videos or check out Pinterest for ideas until the cows come home. Getting out of the house and meeting people has had much more of a positive effect than anything online could achieve. I so needed that.

I've met some talented musicians who play without a sheet of music in front of them (like taking photos in manual mode instead of automatic). I shot at a new to me venue that had such a good feel to the room and was in such a lovely setting, my brain began to thaw out. Also I heard how a local celebrity began following her dreams by hitchhiking out west in a fishmonger's truck (back when hitchhiking was a relatively safe thing). All of this went on this week and it's still not over.

Today I shoot pottery.....beautiful works locally conceived by an idea followed by hours and hours of doing the whole pottery process. Tomorrow I spend watching and shooting my son floating with a bunch of other diehards 10kms down an icy cold river on a raft made of waterbed bladders, pvc tubes and snow fencing. Again, something that takes hours of organizing and preparing for. Sunday I get to shoot a group of folks who train daily for months in advance to run their best in a charity race.

My apologies, I really didn't want to whine about my search for inspiration or my struggles...I mean it really is just a bunch of trivial "first world problems" right?

For me personally, the challenge nowadays is that I have maybe, maybe 5 minutes maximum to snag your interest with one of my daily #ChickPicotheDay shots. After 2,335 days in a row, some days it becomes overwhelming. It doesn't just all fall in your lap. I guess that is what I'm trying to say..... BUT after this week of experiences I think I can conclude that along with all of that AND if the 10 bags of top soil & peat moss are on the cusp of thawing out and becoming useful again, so am I.

Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for your ongoing comments, likes, follows, shares and support. Oh and I forgot, if you're local, get over to King's Buffet I've got a photo up on display and it's for sale. Go for dinner while you're there too!

Peace, love and kumbaya xo Heather (Queen of Poor Grammar and Rambling Run-On Sentences)

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