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Frame It Friday (week 15, season2)

#FrameItFriday (week 15, season 2)

It's mid April, the weather is still messed up which in turn is messing up alot of folks and their plans. I guess in this part of the world planning events this time of the year is hit and miss, especially if it's outdoors. I've had a few cancellations myself. It's disappointing.

This weather has made me antsy, do you feel that way too? I cut back on the kms on my car this week and checked out a few cool local antique shops. That was fun. One thing I learned while I was there is that my Nancy Drew book collection is kind of worthless. It's better off collecting dust on my bookshelf downstairs than trying to peddle them.

I went in the antique exploring with the intention of finding a magnifying glass, not a new old one. No luck. Anyone local got one I can borrow for a day or two? I have this photo idea, (yes another one).

Ok, so after this past week of muddlement, indecision, antsy-ness I've decided that the photo to accompany this "blog" is to be in a different format. Print out the shot of the Grimsby cottage, grab some coloured markers, paints or crayons and colour up this house! If you're feeling bold, take a photo of your finished artwork and post it in the comment section below. Winning art will win a print of mine (sorry it won't be a Lotto649 $$ prize).

In closing I would just like to thank you all for following my page, commenting, liking, sharing and hiring me to fulfill your photographic needs. The OCD in me was excited to crack the 3k liker milestone this past week, thank you all so very much. If you have any ideas or places you think you'd like me to shoot for my #ChickPicotheDay, pm know, if you've got an abandoned house or barn you can get me in without me getting arrested for trespassing that would be cool. Thanks for reading.

Peace, love and kumbaya....Heather xo

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Grimsby Cottage

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