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Frame It Friday (week 13, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 13, season 2)

I'm back again, my weekly rambling drivel and it's a long weekend. Easter weekend. I'm not a religious person, I don't attend church but I love exploring them and taking photos of them. I respect all religions and let's just leave it like that because I'm not here to preach, just take and post photos.

On that note, I bring to you today, a holy day, a photo of a grungy sink. By now you're thinking, "why Heather I'd LOVE, love, LOVE a 16"x 20" of this sink on canvas to hang in my living room. LOL I'm KIDDING....

The truth is, I messed up this week (yes again, last week it was forgetfulness, this week it's stupidity). I meant to post the photo of inside the clock tower today not the sink. It is what it is and now you get the story along with the sink photo. Like "everything and the kitchen sink" (except it's not actually a kitchen sink). Am I frustrating you with my babbling here? So sorry. This is what happens when one waits until they're about to post their blog, to write their blog.

Here's the scoop.....a few weeks back I noticed that a few of my peers were posting photos of the inside of empty federal building here in town. (I call it the old Post Office) They're converting it into our 'new" City Hall. Mostly it was the shots from up in the clock tower of the building that got me. I was jealous.....I mean who wouldn't want to have a chance to get up and see in there AND take photos of it. Since I missed out years ago on getting into the old Brownfield buildings that once stood just down the road from me, I wanted to see if I could get in to the Federal building before they re-vamped it.

Short story very long and now winded.....I got in (obviously) but JUST under the wire as they've now begun the conversion from post office to new city hall.

Do you know how exciting it is for a photographer to get PERMISSION to take pictures of an empty building? It's like going to Disney for free and the rides have no lineups. It's like being the only kid at a playground.

The clock tower is always a favourite backdrop in most downtown photos of our I know what it's like up inside that tower (a photo of the tower be more appropriate right about now wouldn't it?) Ok, so flip on back to yesterday's #ChickPicotheDay to see it. Up there I felt like I'd stepped out of a time machine to a different era, what a magical place.

Ok about the sink, another step back in time......well it's a sink, a mighty damn fine sink at that. Built to stand the test of time, indestructible and check out the floors and the walls. If one were to take a sledge hammer to that stuff I'd bet the hammer would break. I hope they just polish all things like this up and keep them. The cost to replace them would be, well it would cost a fortune to put in something comparable. Can you imagine how many floor mops were rinsed in that sink? Ok, maybe your mind is not as inquisitive like mine but work with me here, just think about it......

Well.....I took alot more photos and hope to post them here some time, maybe not all at once though. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore such a cool place. I'm glad I asked and they said yes.

I'll just end this now. Abruptly. I have to try and pose my #StellaCatwearing bunny ears for my special Easter Sunday photo.

Happy Easter, Peace, Love, Kumbaya.... Heather....the scatterbrain xo

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The Sink at the Federal building. Brantford, Ontario

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