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Frame It Friday (week 12, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 12, season 2)

I forget why I decided to make this the Frame It Friday photo.....wait....I wrote it down. Let me check my notes, oh right, I wanted to talk about memory/memories/remembering or as I like to call them....brain farts (good thing they don't stink).

I first discovered this farmhouse about a year ago or perhaps two years ago. I've forgotten. Although if I checked back through my shots I will find out the exact date me and this sweet little abandoned met. That's "too much work" on a Friday and really does it matter? I guess it sort of does as my blog today is about remembering, remember?

Ok, back to this farmhouse......the first time we met it was warmer out, I had the WHOLE day to explore and it was a brand new area and it was exciting! I saw cows, about 10 or so, grazing around the front of it, eating the grass. A couple of cows looked like the were going to go in the house, but they didn't. The whole setting looked cool. I took my shots and drove off.

For the past couple of weeks I've wanted to go back there. I'd read on an abandoned site somewhere that this place was getting kind of ratty looking. I thought it best to get back up to wherever it was and get some more shots before it fell over or got bulldozed.

Obviously I found it but it took me two days and close to 1,000kms of roads to find it. All I had to go by was the name of this "town" that was nearby. The "town" has a 4 way stop sign, a ramshackle garage on one corner and a sketchy looking farmhouse on another. This farmhouse is "near" it.

So what am I trying to say here? WRITE IT DOWN, keep a little journal, document it for future reference, it will save you time and gas money. That is my tip for the day, you're welcome.

I really should stop writing these blogs on the mornings I post them. They're so scattered.....I'm so scattered.......

On another matter.....please pray we have no more snow. I'm putting away the snow shovels and getting my snow tires off today. Also, it’s One week until the Easter bunny comes!

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

Rob Roy, Ontario

P.S.-I got last week's FrameItFriday shot of the chapel framed on 16" x 24" canvas, it looks SMASHING if I do say so. I'll post a photo of it and others I'm selling later on today (not to worry, this time I'll take better shots of my art for sale and delete that album of shitty shots from last week)

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